Twin Books

  • Two at a time: having twins (pregnancy to birth) | Jane Seymour and Pamela Patrick Novotny

  • Twins! Pregnancy, Birth and the first yr of Life (2nd Ed) | Connie Agnew et al

  • The joy of Twins and other multiple births | Pamela Patrick Novotny

  • Double trouble double treat: what having twins is really like | Annie and Jamie Gibbins (parents of 2 sets of twins)

  • These are our children: Twins, triplets and Down Syndrome | Linda McDonald

  • Exploring Twin Relationships: is being a twin always fun? |  Betty Jean Case

  • More than One: Twins and multiples and how to survive them | Lindsay Simpson and Andiee Paviour

  • Twins in the family | Tom Shapcott

  • The multiple pregnancy sourcebook: pregnancy and the first days with twins, triplets and more | Nancy Bowers

  • Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and caring for twins | Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

  • Twins and Multiple Births: The essential parenting guide from pregnancy to adulthood | Dr Carol Cooper (and TAMBA)

  • Twins | Sarah Prince

  • Double Duty: The parents guide to raising twins from pregnancy through the school years | Christina Baglivi Tinhlof

  • Twin trouble | Sally Rippin

  • Twins: A practical and emotional guide to parenting twins | Katrina Bowman and Louise Ryan

  • Mothering twins: Advice and support from 5 moms | Linda Albi et al

  • How twins grow up    Mary Rosambeau

  • The parents' guide to raising twins: pre-birth to first school days | Elizabeth Friedrich and Cherry Rowland

  • My Twins First Birthday    

  • I’m Having Twins    

  • My twins are coming home    

  • Twins    

  • Raising Twins    

  • Twins: the art of parenting twins    

  • Twins from Conception to five years | Averil Clegg and Anne Woollett

Triplet Books

  • Parenting Triplets | Pat Stewart

  • The multiple pregnancy sourcebook: pregnancy and the first days with twins, triplets and more | Nancy Bowers

  • More than One: Twins and multiples and how to survive them | Lindsay Simpson and Andiee Paviour

  • Finding our way: life with triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets | Suzanne Lyons

  • Exceptional Pregnancies: Survival guide to parents expecting triplets or more | Kathleen Birch and Janet Bleyl

  • The t shirt triplets | Hazel Edwards and Margaret Power

Books for children

  • Nicky and the twins: The great nappy disaster | Tony Bradman and Susan Winter

  • The biggest bed in the world | Lindsay Camp

  • A bit of Company | Margaret Wild

  • Chimp and Zee | Catherine and Laurence Anholt

  • Chimp and Zee and the big storm | Catherine and Laurence Anholt

Books for teenagers

  • Ghost twins: The mystery of the disappearing dogs | Dian Curtis Regan

  • Party Poopers | Margaret Pearce

Educational packs/books

  • Australian Multiple Birth Assoc National Postcard Quilt project    

  • Breastfeeding twins | Australian breastfeeding assoc

  • Emotional Health during pregnancy and early parenthood | beyond blue

  • parenting B/G multiples | Australian Birth Assoc

  • Active Alphabet for parents and toddlers | Qld Govt

  • Let's Get Moving | Qld Govt Get Active

  • The twinship Sourcebook: Your guide to understanding multiple | Complied by authors of Twins Magazine

  • Move baby move | Qld Govt

  • Baby play (Gymboree) | Dr Wendy Masi and Dr Roni Cohen Leiderman

  • Toddler Twins: Practical parenting during the toddler years (Twins twinship Sourcebook 2) | Twins Magazine

Babies in general

  • Baby Love Everything you need to know about new baby | Robin Barker

  • Early Beginnings: development in Children Born Preterm | Barton MacArthur and Anne Dezoete

  • More Secrets of Happy Children | Steve Biddulph

  • The Secret of Happy Children | Steve Biddulph

  • Toddler Taming: The guide to your child from 1 to 4 | Dr Christopher Green

  • Your New Baby: Australian Edition | Dr Miriam Stoppard

  • Secrets of the baby whisperer | Tracy Hogg with Melinda Blau

  • What to Expect when you're expecting | Arlene Eisenberg et al

  • Cooking for babies and toddlers: 6mths to 5yrs | Dilys Wells

  • One step ahead: Raising 3 | Michael Grose

  • An unselfish life: the pat roles story | Marea Stenmark


  • Loss of a Baby: Understanding Maternal Grief | Margaret Nicol

  • I miss you: A first look at death (children’s book) | Pat Thomas


  • The multiple birth video guide | Australian Birth Assoc

  • Multiples in the Womb     

  • Expecting Multiples    

  • The Baby Trilogy    

  • Twins start school and MB awareness wk 2009 | Channel 7 news reports

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